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Below are examples of some of the websites we have created for artists with their comments about working with us.


Michael Jell's Website

(British Columbia)

Kathie Widing art website




Annette Ayre's Art Website

"Leah built me a website that I'm very happy with. Family and friends have all remarked that they find it attractive and easy to navigate. The whole process was straightforward and stress free as Leah is very patient, helpful, and knowledgeable. She repeatedly went above and beyond to give information and advice that will be very important moving forward and growing my site.


I'd strongly recommend working with Leah, particularly as her experience is geared towards artists and photographers. It was also excellent value for money compared with other companies I've been involved with. I'm grateful to have found her."


- Ray Mcsharry, London, England


Annette Ayre's Art Website




"The website is fabulous! Uplifting, bright, colourful and a reflection of me!! Everything is perfect. Thanks again for everything!"


- Annette Ayre, Edmonton, Alberta






Airynaa Tannberg's Art Website Development

"I was in need of a website that had a contemporary feel to it and one that I could interact with periodically. But where could I find a website designer that could create something from the artist's viewpoint? Then in one of Robert Genn's bi-weekly newsletters, he wrote about websites and recommended Leah Markham. I instantly knew if Robert had recommended her that she must be good.
With the busy lifestyle that I have, I needed someone who could set up a new website for me and teach me how to change it from time to time. It has been a fantastic journey working with Leah in creating my "new look" and I would highly recommend her to any one."

- Airynaa Tannberg, Wollongong, Australia




Ken Gillespie's Website

"I really want to thank you for pointing me in this direction for my website. After spending some time within the website I am totally happy with the look of it, it is professional and I think it is highly functional. Now I feel in control of the site and it's destiny. For me to be able to instantly update and add to it myself is important. I have already made changes to the website. I feel quite excited about all of this."

- Ken Gillespie, Penticton, British Columbia


Anne McGilvary's Website


"Leah has a way of making the whole process of designing and constructing a website very easy. Once she has all the information she needs to get started, she has the creative talent and the expertise to do a great job. My website is easy to navigate and Leah did a wonderful job arranging design factors to make each page unique. I am also happy to know that she offers many options for follow-up support."

- Anne McGilvary, Cochrane, Alberta




Gary Whitley's Website


"I am extremely pleased with the website Leah set up for me. I find it very easy to navigate, update and change. I highly recommend anyone to use Leah's experience and ability in setting up a website."


- Gary Whitley, Vernon, British Columbia



Rena Bierman's Website

"I met Leah, with her husband Jerry at an art workshop I attended. Leah taught a marketing course for artist's - one of the most informative, interactive and enriching courses I have ever taken on that subject. She spoke to us about all the things that we needed to include in an active website and depicted it as more than simply displaying our art work.  I decided right then that I needed Leah to help me with this project. Leah's workshop was delightful and so was working with her as we collaborated to launch a live website. My decision to include Leah in this project was a wise decision and an enjoyable journey. Thanks Leah! "


- Update feedback from Rena - "I was able to update my website, and I am so glad to have the freedom to do so. You are a special lady, and I appreciate your patience with those of us who barely know how to turn the computer on, never mind navigate a website."


Rina Bhabra's Art Website


"Working with Leah has been one of the most pleasant experiences that I have had. My website looks amazing and the comments that I have received about it are fantastic. Leah is thorough and went to great lengths to find out what I wanted in my website before she created one for me that was simply great! Despite our 15 hour time difference, Leah's communication was spot on. I would recommend anyone that is looking to do their website to talk to Leah first before making a decision. THANK YOU LEAH!"

- Rina Bhabra, Perth, Australia




Rina Bhabra's Art Website



"I am very pleased with the work that Leah did on my website! In choosing a design, I found it difficult to imagine how my work would look so I had Leah pick the design for me. I think it complements my work very well. I especially like the detailed images at the top of each page. Leah was great to work with and made the whole process easy and fun. Also, she was genuinely interested in my work. I highly recommend Leah!"

- Lynne Saunders, Courtenay, British Columbia






Rina Bhabra's Art Website

"For the creation of my new website Leah, I thank you very very much. I am extremely happy with it. A fresh start in a career of art and with your help I am jumping on board with the internet. I am as pleased as punch with it and I did enjoy working with you and your expertise. I appreciated your professional manner, kind and generous advise and also your patience with a novice.Thank you you once again for all your help."


- Linda Wadley-Coutremanche, Vernon, British Columbia





Johanna Lerwick's Art Website

"Leah, I am so glad that I chose you to design and build my website and thank you so much for all you have done for me. Your videos on maintaining my own website were the best investment I have ever made since they are so easy to follow, even for someone like me that is not what you call computer savvy. Not only have you given me such a beautiful, professional website but even after 1 1/2 years since you designed my website for me, you were right there to assist me in my problems. I thank you so much for everything and recommend you to everyone who comments on my website or is looking for someone to build one for them. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!" - Johanna Lerwick, upstate New York


Colleen Faulkner's Art Website

"I would like to say that finding a starting point and a direction to travel in regarding my artistic career, meeting Leah was a very positive experience. Not only did I take her fantastic weekend workshop, The Business of Art, I made the decision to have Leah create my website. Without her, I don't think I could have launched it on my own.


Having a website that I can update, and receive emails on and receive analysis of its visitors is really encouraging. Since I have had the website, for almost a month now, I am more confident, and I entered a call to artists and actually got a picture accepted because I was organized and had a website for reference.


Leah is honest and professional, she answered my emails and phone calls without delay. She offered up suggestions, and provided me with good advice! Thank you so much!"


- Colleen Faulkner, Vernon, British Columbia



Arts In The Heights website



"I would like to thank Leah for her wonderful work. She is one of those rare individuals that live up to their business name and claim who they are. Her patience, expertise, honesty and respect to her own work are qualities that we don't come across with very often. Thanks again from myself and on behalf of the artists that I am working with."


- Vejdi Avsar with Arts In The Heights, Texas, USA






Connie Rodriguez art website

"I am so happy with my new website! Working with you Leah was a so refreshing. I have had other websites that others produced - it was always a lot of work. You made the process easy, and it was a delight to work with you. I appreciated your background with art, and your knowledge of how to showcase my art, not only the website itself. Thank you for being so responsive to all my needs as an artist. I also find that the content management site you use easy to manage - another plus when needing to make changes. And to top it off, your videos will walk me through all of it if I need help. Thank you again, Leah!"

- Connie Rodriguez, Auburn, California



Sumon Methangkool's Art Website Design





"I want to thank you for your wonderful work. Thank you for your patience in working with me and for being professional. I am very happy with my website and find it much easier to manage than my previous website."


- Sumon Methangkool, Las Vegas, Nevada








Patricia Peacock artist website design




"WOW!!! I love my website!!! You are amazing! It is more than I imagined...the layout is great and compliments my artwork. I am really excited....I think it looks so good, and you did an amazing job!"


- Patricia Peacock, Surrey, British Columbia






Lee Caufield artist website



"As more people visit my website I continue to get comments on what a great job you did - thanks once again for all your efforts and expertise!"


- Lee Caufield, White Rock, British Columbia





Sandi Howell's artist web design



"I am out of my mind I am soooo excited. Thank you! You have been fabulous to work with! I love my website!"


- Sandi Howell, Winnipeg, Manitoba





Donna Marie Orr

(Coldstream, British Columbia)

Protean Art

(Minnesota & Texas)


Patricia Peacock artist website design

(Surrey, BC)

Cory Kinney art website

(North Vancouver, BC)


Donna Marie Orr

(Edmonton, Alberta)

Sue Ennis art website

(Toronto, Ontario)


Shairl Honey's artist website

(St. Albert, Alberta)

Susan Allan's art website

(Edmonton, Alberta)



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Examples of Art Gallery Websites


Here are a few examples of some of the art gallery websites we have done. Click on an image to see their full website.


New Moon Gallery's Website




"Developing my web site with Leah was amazing! She had such wonderful ideas and a way of putting things together. I could not have done it without her."

- Linda Lovisa, Owner








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