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This video series is currently unavailable for purchase.


I apologize for any inconvenience this causes. After years of providing an indepth suite of video tutorials, I found I needed to choose where to prioritize my time - between updating the videos continually as online tools change or spending more time on my own art and other areas where I work with artists.


I found that quite a few people opted to have me build a website for them, as it is a very affordable option, quick (a website online within a couple weeks), professionally done, and it provided a way for them to focus on their art. So I decided to continue offering that service while discontinuing the videos.


I met a lot of fantastic people and enjoyed receiving emails regularly with kind messages about how helpful the videos were for helping artists to share their work online and gain more exposure, however it was time for this change.


> If you are in need of an art website, please see the Art Website Design page for more details.


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